About Us

‘Manitham’ is a Tamil word that translates into ‘being humane’


Manitham Charitable Trust is a non-profit organization that was founded in the year 2005 by Mr. Vanarajan Swamidoss. It is a grass root organization that focuses on working with communities children and the youth to ensure their development, empowerment of adolescent girls and upbringing through its projects.

 Presently Manitham operates in the deep rural regions of Tamil Nadu, India. Manitham has 15 centers, and works with around 600 children through these centers and its projects.The Manitham Centers play home to the communities, where they are engaged through workshops and sessions to learn and grow.
There are various social barriers and challenges faced by the communities of these regions that need to be highlighted. Manitham presently is focusing on campaigning and spreading more awareness for the need for change and consciousness against these social evils.
Manitham functions with a small team of individuals, and majorly implements its projects through its mentors and volunteers.